At the moment I am still in high school, a teacher looking for differences among sent TICK vector graphics and bitmap graphics. Likewise with the second sense is told to look for as the task of du that day. This is my post as my reference in ICT lessons at school.
Let’s both read and mempelajarinnya. Maybe when still in high school or looking for the same task makes it easier for friends looking for references to differences and understanding of vector and bitmap graphics.1. Understanding vector and Bitmap Graphics

Understanding Vector Graphics

Vector graphics image object is created through a combination of dots and lines by using certain mathematical formulation.

Understanding Bitmap Graphics

Graphic Bitmap image object is created based on the dots and color combinations.

2. advantages and disadvantages of vector and bitmap graphics

Advantages Of Vector Graphics

-Storage space for more efficient image object

Vector images of objects can be changed in size and shape without losing the quality look

-Can be printed at the highest resolution your printer

-Draw and edit vector shapes is relatively easier and fun

Lack Of Vector Graphics

-Cannot generate a prime vector drawing object while performing conversion from the image object bitmap format

Advantages Of Bitmap Graphics

-Certain special effects can be added so that it can make objects appear as you wish.

-Can generate a bitmap image object darionjek vector graphics the easy way and quickly, no matter the outcome of quality can be determined

Weakness Of The Bitmap Graphic

-The image Object has a problem when resized picture object, especially when enlarged.

Effects of diidapat-based bitmap object that will be visible to break or decreases the details when printed on a lower resolution

3. find out the application for creating vector graphics and bitmap

Application programs for creating vector graphics and bitmap that an awful lot of that stuff, such as Page Maker, Corel Photo Paint, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and many others. But that will be discussed here application programs CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop.

CorelDRAW is one program that is widely used in the manufacture of graphic design and editing Bitmap that comes with a full color management system and interactive tools that facilitate the creation and editing of an object.

While Adobe Photoshop is one of the application program used to edit a picture (image) into a more interesting picture, and can edit photos and images that have been scanned into the computer.

So this post may have the desire to learn and to live them at the College try reading about College Design Engineer Vs Art Design whereby if a reader chooses civil Design Art College will use many programs, whereas Bitmap-based Design Engineer more using pictures with the Vector method.

Glossary of terms Pending in Graphic Design:
Fill: the content of an object the curve or specific areas, usually in the form of colors.
Color: natural or natural impression.
Node: connecting the dots between the lines on an object.
Pixel: Picture element, the smallest part of the bitmap image, a picture framer points.
Strokes: line of an image Object


Bitmap in muck out (Ollie) jpeg-bitmap


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