Open Photoshop, create a new document with Ctrl + n. Size canvas is up to, I’m using size 500×500 pixels. 
Make a circle using the Ellipse Tool on the side bar menu or icon of the round. Change the Foreground color to the color in the code #aad985 or green. Make a circle like below.
Give a black line around the circle with a click duakali on the green circle layer. and set according to the settings below.
Then the circle is green with black side stripes have been successfully created. Create a new layer and move the layer below the layer of green circles. After that we make half his body using the Pen Tool or by clicking the P on the keyboard. Make it like the picture below. To fill the path that has been connected with just right click and select Fill Path.
Delete the path still exists on images with right click and select Delete Path.
Make a line on the side of the body as in gaambar circle crafted of yesteryear. The results obtained are more or less as below.
Well, now we make her eyes just by making the head of yesteryear with the Ellipse Tool and give it a stroke as well as a black dot at its Center. After that duplicate the eye that had been made earlier by pressing Ctrl + J on the keyboard
Faces without mouths full dong guns, now we make his mouth with the Pen Tool only with slightly curved lines making. Right click on the curved path and select Stroke Path. Oiya, the thickness of the Brush must be set to 5 points. The results that we get are like below.
Now we will combine between the white background that has been duplicated, head, eyes, body, and breath by press Ctrl + Shift + E. .. It will be available as picture below.
We will now make the eyes blink. Before that we should hide the images that have been merged and both eyes by removing a black eye in the layer.Eye blinking can be created by using the Pen Tool in accordance with the desired pattern. To do the same by making a smile. do not forget to duplicate and modify its position and slide the direction 180 degrees. Like below.

Merge layers like white background, eyes blink, smile, body, and head like combining images last so we get two picture perfect.This eagerly awaited piece, we will move his eyes. Before that, we must enable animated menu with select Window and Animation.

Came the animated menu at the bottom of the screen work, to call all of the layer that will be made into animation press section that was given a red color, and then select Make Frames From Layers.

We will only need the perfect layer, for that we have to remove the layers are not required. Please delete all layers except that there is a red box with the click of a trash bin icon below.
Well stay left two layer, we can rotate it by clicking on the blue color and can set time per layer in a part of the color red. This time I pake 1 sec the monastery there are effects ever.
It’s that important. How to save it is to click File select Save for Web & Devices … or press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S on your keyboard.Dialog box appears, and then click Ok. The last dialog box appears again the commands save file and place the file name. Click OK.

Animated Parampaa are so like the picture at the top. 🙂
We could also add anything appropriate to our creativity. As I added a red tongue on Parampaa.